Not Everyone Needs a Custom Website. Do You?

A custom website is often said to be a must for an online business. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case (even if it is how I earn a living). There are times when a business can—and should!—grow and thrive by making use of an existing template and some smart modifications. Before […]

Who Makes Up Your Website Management Team?

If the answer to this question is, “me,” I encourage you to follow it up with another question: How well are you keeping up with the pieces that make up website management? Through the course of this series, we talked about three very different pieces that make up running your website effectively. I’ll let you […]

Why Do You Need a Maintenance Plan?

Your website has been groomed for launch. It’s fully up to technical speed. The messaging is dead-on to hit your targets. Once a site launches however, the focus shifts from preparation to use. A maintenance plan is the support your site needs to stand up to years of solid use. Websites age faster without a […]

Does Your Content Work Online?

Easy language. Short sentences or phrases. Visual breaks. Writing for the web is all about serving information in bite-size pieces. Today, I’ll break down how to make your content work best online. Let’s get this out of the way: No one reads your website. It may be disheartening to hear, but website visitors will likely […]

Measuring for success: What does your site need to thrive?

In my last post, I introduced you to four key things that you need to know as a website owner. Today, we’ll begin by diving into the first: how to best set up your site to measure success. Owning a website is like owning any other tool for your business—it’s only as good as the […]

So, you have a website. Now what?

Launching a new (or recently updated) website is a moment to celebrate! It’s also the transition point from one phase in your site’s life to another. This series will tell you what you need to know as you step into your new role: Website Owner. A lot of discussion happens during the planning, designing and […]

This site is a work in progress, but it’s live. It’s a start.

Putting the cart ahead of the horse, dont’cha think? That’s what went through my head when I decided to stop using the excuse “my site is in development” to not start publishing the content I have planned. It’s a variant on a common procrastination practice used by website owners— “the site is not ready yet”—and […]